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Reverse American Flag US Flag 3x5 Vinyl Decal Sticker for Cars Trucks Laptops etc...

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  • Durable Vinyl Decal
  • 3 inches by 5 inches
  • Weatherproof
  • Outdoor Use!


Easy application, just peel and stick!

Can Be used on Laptops, Yeti Cups, Water Bottles and Much Much More... your imagination is your only limit!

*Always make sure you are sticking your decal to a clean surface, even a surface that looks clean could have oils that could prevent your decal from adhering!

The Reverse American Flag often raises questions... why is your flag backwards... etc...

The Flag is intended to always show forward motion, this is a nod to when the Calvary and Infantry units would charge ahead with the Flag waving behind them! Therefore the blue star field is always to the front to show the forward movement!

Today the Army uniform has a US Flag on their right sleeve and this flag is a "reverse flag" to show that same forward motion that a free flying American Flag would have. Symbolizing the forward motion and courage of those who are serving, as well as those who have served in the past!

Flag Etiquette states that vehicles should also follow the "reverse flag" protocol to show forward movement. So, if you decide to put a flag emblem on the right side of your car, make sure it's a reverse or right arm flag! Aircraft with the US Flag also follow this protocol!